Surrender Your Heart

What is holding you back?

Surrender means to submit under authority.

Surrender is to give in, give (oneself) up, give way, yield, concede,back down, cave in.

I am sure when most of us hear the word Surrender, we dig our heels in just a little more, cling tightly onto everything around us and start heading in the opposite direction. Especially when it means giving in and surrendering to God, the one who gave everything for us.

How could this be?

The truth is without full hearted surrender, without giving all of ourselves in every area of our life to our heavenly Father, we cannot live the supernatural life our incredible Creator has planned for us.

What we do not let go of will control or distract us.

When we step into what God has planned for us, He wants our undivided attention, but most importantly he wants our heart. Not that our heavenly Father needs our heart but He relentlessly pursues our heart because he loves us so.

When you fall in love for the first time there is a surrender, a beautiful exchange where nothing will ever be too much. When we live with an abandoned and surrendered heart to God, He can and will do so much through our lives because we are all of His. We have surrendered to His perfect will. Nothing will be too much for what He has asked of us, because He hold’s our heart in the palm of His hand. This is love.

I believe there is a supernatural life out there for those who are brave to seek, and for those who are brave enough to surrender for they will find who they are, their purpose, their potential and most importantly they will find Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

What are you afraid of?

To live a life half lived holding onto something you thought was valuable, afraid to believe, or  will you step out in faith, surrendering your heart to start an incredible journey of the miraculous.

It is time, God is seeking through this broken world for the surrendered hearts of His people.

You are called, you are chosen, you are equipped and you are anointed to be and do all that He has called you to.

Do not fear, trust and love deeply as you are loved passionately by your God.

A promise…

Job 11:13-15


Surrender your heart to God,

    turn to him in prayer,

and give up your sins—

    even those you do in secret.

Then you won’t be ashamed;

you will be confident

    and fearless.

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