The Day I Lost My Dream

Join me for a quick trip down memory lane…

When I was 16 years old my dream was to become a famous fashion designer. I spent endless nights scrolling through pages and pages of hip fashion mags, mentally piecing outfits together and scouting for all the latest trends.

After college I finally got my degree in fashion design, failing the first year because sewing was most definitely not one of my strong points. Late nights partying with friends might have aided to the failure, so for all you kids out there STAY FOCUSED.

Straight out of college I started working with my brother and we opened our own company exporting clothing to the United States. We made a great team, he was the sales and marketing guru bringing in all the work and I was the nuts and bolts and would make sure we got the orders shipped.

Exciting times! I traveled to many countries overseeing the production, but all the time I missed picking up my sketch pad and creatively designing like I did back in college. I would dream about owning a brand and my own store one day. Driving around malls I could see my own store so perfectly and vividly clear.

If you have ever had a big dream or vision, you will know that it motivates and inspires you. It is pretty amazing to dream big. So do it!

Fast forward a few years, my family and I moved to the United States. This was approximately 3 years ago. I think we were here for about 5 minutes and we got lost in the idea of owning a store. We opened an on line store. With blood, sweat and many, many tears it was running successfully but we made some fatal mistakes and errors that would cost us dearly in the end.

Once the online store was running we had also opened up a little boutique. A few more mistakes, and one day you can read the book, but for now I will let you know that we finally had to close the store.
In short, this was the day I thought I had lost my dream.
Well at least that’s what I had thought…

I was so adamant and held onto my dream so tightly it was not easy to let go. I had believed this was my vision for so many years and it was my chance to make an impact in this world.
Shortly after the store had closed I was placed in a corporate position for consulting work. Now as many of you creative thinkers will know, this could feel like punishment to say the least. I went through a difficult few months because what I thought was my future, was now lost. This position was however also my saving grace. I still felt like a complete failure, heartbroken.

While I was vision-less wondering where I fit in this world, I had some dear friends and family suggest that I open my own photography studio. I loved using my photographs to inspire others and the more I tried to sell them, the more miserable I became.
It was around this time I started searching and asking God to show me direction for His plan for my life.  I heard something that completely changed my entire outlook and gave me a tiny glimmer of hope. Anything we lose in this world, we never really needed in the first place to fulfill our destiny. We should use what we have left after a loss or failure, because God is the God of what’s left. He will make springs flow and flowers grow in a place that was once dead and where a dream was lost. It is in our darkest moments when we can stop the distractions of our own agendas and plans to seek His will in our lives instead of ours.

This brings change. This brings hope.

Everything is about our mindset and how we choose to see setbacks and failures.
I discovered a new optimism because His plans are always so much more than what we could ever comprehend or imagine. He will give you a new vision and a bigger dream, just ask for it!
I have learned that we have a purpose in this life and that purpose can sometimes have nothing with what we do professionally. I had to open my hand and let go of one dream to make space for a new one.

So what do I have left now after losing my biggest dream?
I have so much, my dear family, my health, a job, a new dream that God has placed in my heart. In my hand I have my camera that I can use to help inspire others. I have been given the ability to speak and share messages because I have realized that nothing motivates and inspires me more than to help another person by encouraging them.

Now, what do you have left? What do you have in your hand that you could use? What gifts and talents could you use to help better the lives of those around you?

What truly inspires me?
This would be to share God’s love in a hurting and broken world.
Is it easy?
Sometimes it’s a little scary, but once you get over the fear of what others think, it is worth pursuing your God given dream.  Finding out exactly what it is that you were made for and how you can impact the lives of those around you.

My hope is that you will be inspired to start a journey to discover your purpose, your dream and find what inspires you most. Regardless of what has been lost in your life or where you might have failed. Know that God has a much better vision and plan for your life, if you would just ask, trust and surrender.

Ephesians 3:20
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

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