Fiercely Determined


This word brings to my mind an image of a very bold and courageous lion, or a frightfully ferocious bear!

Now you know that I have a keen fascination with words and the meaning of what lies behind these words. Words are containers of power.

Fierce is described as “having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.”

My favorite description is this;

“of a feeling, emotion or action showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.”

We describe this word as intense, relentless, strong, powerful, fervent and ardent.

The origin of the word fierce comes from the Latin word meaning ferus (untamed) and the old French word fiers (brave).

Now for the second part of this title.


Determined is described as “having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.

To be determined is to be unwavering, unswerving, purposeful, insistent and undaunted.

One day while driving home making it through the traffic, my mind racing with thoughts flying around wildly, I would hear those all too familiar words of this will never get better. This will never change it will always be the same. I felt something deep down inside my heart start to rise as I gripped my steering wheel tightly with my fingers clasped firmly on the edge. With grit I clench my jaw and two words are whispered to me, gently with undeniable strength….FIERCELY DETERMINED!

This is it!

We need to live this life with a fierce determination.

I know what the promises of God are and I know what His word says. I know that His word is true.

It is an unshakable certainty. When I speak of God’s love and truth this is not simply a second hand religion of something I have learned in a text book or Sunday school class. No, this is a real discovery of a Father’s love so great and full of mercy who rescued, redeemed and saved me. In my later years by the time I had made my way back to Jesus I was nothing short of a mess, hanging by a thread on the verge of loosing everything I had. Nothing else could save me and had I not found my way back to Christ I would not be where I am today. This is the reason I live with a great intensity for the love of Jesus. Once you have been in the presence of God you will be forever changed.

Why do I share this with you? To let you know I have seen first hand that God is a miracle working God as I have seen this time and time again on my own journey. There were times of confusion, times of feeling abandoned and times of calling out where are you God?  I can say that through every trial I have faced I refused to look at the circumstance of what I could see and pour my heart into what His promises are.

When you are faced with an insurmountable task, live with a fierce determination. Looking at the mountain before you feeling hopeless of not knowing how to overcome, live with a fierce determination. Make that powerful decision that you will not be deterred and you will climb that mountain and you will reach the top. Looking over the medical reports, the financial turmoil, the anxiety, fear, depression, sin, hopelessness, insecurity, failing marriage decide to live with an insistent, relentless attitude of never giving up an leaning on God’s promises over that situation.

It might take a few months, it might take a few years or it may never change. In this case you will have the overwhelming and overpowering strength to overcome and go through any situation set before you. You will come through the fire unscathed, stronger and more refined.

Not giving up on God’s promises regardless of what you see it will build a faith in you so strong it will be immovable. You will live as a prisoner of hope and will never be defeated.

Now, YOU child of GOD. Stand up and look up.

Get to your feet, grit those teeth, find those promises and live victoriously and unwaveringly with FIERCE DETERMINATION.

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