Beauty in Brokenness


This word makes me think of being a little child all over again. You know the feeling of dropping your favorite “breakable” glass toy. Or your mother’s most valuable and expensive vase. You know that feeling of holding your breath and pausing for the longest time before it hits the floor and smashes into tiny little pieces.

Then comes the remorse, the shock, and fear, followed by tears of sadness. There is a horrible feeling of loosing or breaking something. Once it’s gone the only way to get it back is to glue it back together again, and you know in your heart that it will never be the same as what it was before.

It is the same in our fragile lives where so many of us have experienced brokenness. The world is broken.

The moment man separated himself from God, turned and sinned against Him, what once worked perfectly was now broken. Thankfully God is greater than our brokenness and even in the midst of a broken world, He sent us His Son to hold us and bring us together to be reunited with Himself and others through His unfailing love.

Some of us have a broken heart, a broken life, a broken family, a broken body, broken dreams. As we sit surrounded by our brokenness, an overwhelming feeling engulfs us, and we fear that we will never be the same again after falling so hard.

Nothing is impossible for God. He gives you beauty for ashes and through His grace, mercy and love we can find the beauty of brokenness. A once broken person is reminded of how fragile we are. Your brokenness will help you judge less those around you who are suffering from their own brokenness. Brokenness brings down the proud and it is the humble who are lifted in heart.

Being completely broken brings confidence in God and who He is. Often we need to be broken for the light to penetrate and infiltrate into our hearts and out of our shattered lives. In the midst of brokenness God is closest to us and it is exactly where He miraculously works. Gently picking up the pieces of your broken, messed up life making it into a beautiful mosaic for the world to see. More beautiful than what it was before because now you can look at the world through eyes of compassion.

Once broken but now healed, made hold and even more beautiful than before.

There are so many different circumstances that cause brokenness it is almost impossible to avoid. We can cause brokenness from our own disobedience or recklessness. Or simply for living in this broken world nothing that you or anyone else deserved. Bad things can happen to good people and not because of anyone’s fault but if we believe through great difficulty and trial God’s glory will be revealed in the midst of it all.  All will turn out for good for those who love God. Only He can break what is in and around us that needs to be broken so the beauty can overflow and pour out of us. Making us more like His son in every way.

As we remember just how fragile we are, we also remember how great our God truly is! He has you in the palm of His mighty hand and is healing your brokenness.

Be encouraged in the mess that surrounds you, lifting your eyes to see the light shining through so that the beauty can arise and awaken in you…


The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit. A broken and a contrite heart, oh God, you will not despise.

Psalms 51:17

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalms 34:18

Make me to hear joy and gladness, let the bones which you have broken rejoice.

Psalms 51:8

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