Approved by God

I am Cherie de Jager.

Growing up in my younger years I was a timid little girl, fairly quiet. A little ditsy, I had the nickname Dizzy Lizzy.

I really liked to daydream and if you dont believe in miracles, let me tell you that getting through High school was definitely not a small one.

I grew up feeling a bit like I did not fit in. I come from an amazing family who are all so successful in their own way . They made everything look so easy. My brother who is super talented at everything made any sport or academic subject look like a walk in the park. I could not even get my shoes on quick enough let alone jump a single hurdle.

What I did not realize was that while I was growing up I had developed a feeling of being inadequate. Everything I tried felt like it was not really me and this led me to giving up half way and never completing anything I started.

I focused so much on what I could not do that I did not see what I could do. I wanted to be everything that I was not. Run faster, be thinner, sportier and I really wanted to be able to complete a math sum!

It has taken me 36 years to finally get it.

How liberating and this is why I want to share this all with you!

The Lord has so graciously shown me, after banging my head against the wall a couple of times, that I was working for the approval of others. I tried so hard to get things to work so everyone could see that I could actually do something and I would not feel inadequate anymore. The Lord has also shown me that its not by my works, but by His grace and power that I can accomplish much.

What God has shown me is that I dont need the approval of others, and neither do you.

We are made perfectly in His eyes, with all our quirks and we have been given certain gifts and talents. We don’t need to be anyone else but to find out who God has called us to be and our God given purpose in this life. This my friends is true freedom.

I have delightfully discovered that with the Almighty’s approval, I am wonderfully and fearfully made and dont need anything else but His love, presence and approval.

Now I focus not on what I cannot do, but what I can do through God’s empowering grace.

Find who you are and what gifts and talents you have been given. Seek God and find who He has called you to be and dont feel like you ever need to have the approval of others. You too are so unique and have so much to offer just the way you are. You are your Heavenly Father’s prize, wonderfully and fearfully made and don’t ever forget that. You are not inadequate because you cannot do what others can, you are you and can do more than you can imagine with God’s grace!

Approved by God.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”

Jeremiah 1:5

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